Project Description

The PCC is funding and distributing certified reference materials for lab directors at WADA-Accredited laboratories world-wide.

The reference materials will provide anti-doping scientists a way to assess and compare samples from athletes more effectively and efficiently.

Since most instrumentation assessing doping samples is comparative, samples of known composition (reference materials) are vital for accurate calibration & analysis.

PCC reference materials are necessary for method validation, calibration, training, quality control and estimation of measurement uncertainty, and are invaluable within the anti-doping sphere where precision is paramount.

The PCC has funded the following reference materials:

2018: EPO Reference materials
Status: In Progress

2016: Reference materials of long-term metabolite of Oral-Turinabol. Dr. Maria Parr, Freie Universität Berlin
Status: In Progress

2015: The provision of steroid metabolite CRMs and internal standards in support of the Athlete Biological Passport steroid module. Dr. Stephen Davies, National Measurement Institute Australia.
Status – Complete. Please click here to view available pure substance organic calibration standards and ordering information.

2015: Production of a certified reference material to support GC-C-IRMS confirmation of adverse analytical findings for synthetic forms of endogenous anabolic androgenic steroids. Dr. Paul Armishaw, National Measurement Institute Australia.
Status – Complete. Please click here for more information.