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  • The PCC Grant Making Process

    The PCC has one of the quickest funding decision turnaround times in the industry while maintaining a rigorous scientific peer review process - a fact we are incredibly proud of. If you have applied for a [...]

  • Anti-Doping Conferences in 2017

    Update: Click Here for the 2018 list While the PCC's 2017 Conference is sold out (email jcelmer@cleancompetition.org to be placed on the wait list), here are some additional anti-doping conferences being held around the world [...]

  • The PCC #tenforten: Reference Materials

    Reference Materials are a critical resource for anti-doping scientists at WADA-Accredited laboratories, and the PCC has invested over a million dollars to ensure their availability since 2009. For a full list of reference materials available [...]

  • Exhaled Breath Timeline

    We’re about to reveal big news regarding anti-doping exhaled breath testing technology…but first, how did we get here? Here’s a high level #techtransfer timeline for what could be the next big thing in sample collection [...]

  • Event Spotlight: The 36th Cologne Workshop on Dope Analysis

    This year, the PCC is delighted to attend the 36th Manfred Donike Workshop, held annually in Cologne, Germany. The conference is hosted by Dr. Mario Thevis, head of the Centre for Preventative Doping Research and Vice [...]