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16 04, 2024

124 – Health and Clean Sport Risks of Supplements, Research Chemicals, and Biologics – Amy Eichner, PhD

By |2024-04-16T07:15:10-06:00April 16th, 2024|Categories: Podcast|

Dr. Amy Eichner is the Special Advisor on Drugs and Supplements at the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). In this episode, she discusses risks and considerations for athletes who are thinking about taking dietary supplements, and work that USADA is [...]

2 04, 2024

123 – Leading Routine Work, Research, and Development in LA’s Anti-Doping Lab – Brian Ahrens

By |2024-04-02T07:42:06-06:00April 2nd, 2024|Categories: Podcast|

Brian Ahrens is Director of the UCLA Olympic Analytical Laboratory in Los Angeles. In this episode Brian shares insights from more than three decades working in a WADA-accredited anti-doping laboratory, details on their daily operations, research and development efforts [...]

19 03, 2024

122 – Protecting Clean Sport and Public Health in Denmark – Kim Ravn

By |2024-03-19T07:22:17-06:00March 19th, 2024|Categories: Podcast|

Kim Højgaard Ravn is Chief Executive Officer of Anti Doping Denmark, and he has worked for the organization for over ten years, serving in a variety of roles to advance clean sport. In our interview, Kim talks about his [...]