18 06, 2024

128 – Elite Distance Runner Contributing to Clean Sport Through Research and Advocacy – Andrew Heyes, PhD

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Dr. Andrew Heyes is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Leeds Beckett University. He is also working on a research project at the University of Birmingham, and he is an elite athlete in the marathon and ultramarathon competing for Great [...]

4 06, 2024

127 – Advancing Anti-Doping Research and Implementing Dried Blood Spot Testing – Jakob Mørkeberg, PhD

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Dr. Jakob Mørkeberg is Senior Science Manager at Anti Doping Denmark. In this episode, he discusses research and development efforts to advance dried blood spot (DBS) testing, how they have implemented DBS methods for drug testing in elite sport and fitness centers in [...]

21 05, 2024

126 – Studying the Experiences and Perspectives of Clean and Sanctioned Athletes – Cornelia Blank, PhD, and David Müller, PhD

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In this episode, Dr. Cornelia Blank and Dr. David Müller discuss a newly launched collaborative research project they are leading that is examining the experiences and perspectives of sanctioned athletes as well as clean athletes. The project is called Transforming Athletes’ Life Experiences after [...]

7 05, 2024

125 – Combatting Doping in Norwegian Sport and Among Youth in Norway – Anders Solheim

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Anders Solheim is CEO of Anti-Doping Norway, and he was recently elected as the Chair of the Board of the Institute of National Anti-Doping Organisations (iNADO). In this episode, Anders talks more about his career, his work as part [...]

16 04, 2024

124 – Health and Clean Sport Risks of Supplements, Research Chemicals, and Biologics – Amy Eichner, PhD

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Dr. Amy Eichner is the Special Advisor on Drugs and Supplements at the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). In this episode, she discusses risks and considerations for athletes who are thinking about taking dietary supplements, and work that USADA is [...]

2 04, 2024

123 – Leading Routine Work, Research, and Development in LA’s Anti-Doping Lab – Brian Ahrens

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Brian Ahrens is Director of the UCLA Olympic Analytical Laboratory in Los Angeles. In this episode Brian shares insights from more than three decades working in a WADA-accredited anti-doping laboratory, details on their daily operations, research and development efforts [...]

19 03, 2024

122 – Protecting Clean Sport and Public Health in Denmark – Kim Ravn

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Kim Højgaard Ravn is Chief Executive Officer of Anti Doping Denmark, and he has worked for the organization for over ten years, serving in a variety of roles to advance clean sport. In our interview, Kim talks about his [...]