7 11, 2023

114 – NFL’s Continued Support of Clean Sport and the PCC – Adolpho Birch

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Adolpho Birch III is currently the Chief External & League Affairs Officer for the Tennessee Titans football team. Previously, he spent more than two decades working for the National Football League (NFL) in various roles. The NFL is one of the [...]

7 11, 2023

113 – Learn How the Office of the Athlete Ombuds Supports Team USA – Kacie Wallace

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Kacie Wallace is an attorney and the Team USA Athlete Ombuds. The Office of the Athlete Ombuds provides a safe place for athletes to seek confidential, independent, impartial advice, and assistance with sport related matters. In this episode, Kacie talks more about [...]

17 10, 2023

112 – Reticulocyte-related RNAs as biomarkers to detect blood doping – Francesco Loria

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Francesco Loria is a Ph.D. student in biomedical science at the Swiss Laboratory for Doping Analysis in Lausanne and the University of Geneva. In this episode, we hear more about Francesco’s career, his research on the potential for reticulocyte-related RNA [...]

3 10, 2023

111 – Exploring Erythropoietic Outcomes After Intermittent Hypoxia – Frank Wojan, PhD

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Dr. Frank Wojan recently completed his PhD in Clinical Physiology at The University of Texas at Austin, and he is currently a Senior Clinical Project Manager with Pluto Health. In this episode, Frank discusses his career path, his research on the [...]

19 09, 2023

110 – Celebrating Five Decades of Anti-Doping Excellence at the DoCoLab – Peter Van Eenoo, PhD

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Dr. Peter Van Eenoo is Professor in the Department of Diagnostic Sciences and Director of the Doping Control Laboratory (DoCoLab) at Ghent University in Belgium. In this episode, we are excited to talk more about Peter, his research and routine work [...]

5 09, 2023

109 – Examining Biotin as a Masking Agent for hCG Abuse – Jenna Goodrum, PhD

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Dr. Jenna Goodrum is a Partnership for Clean Competition Fellow and Research Scientist working in the Sports Medicine Research Testing Laboratory (SMRTL) in Utah. In this podcast episode, we’re excited to discuss Jenna’s career path, her work at SMRTL, her experience [...]

15 08, 2023

108 – How Athletics Integrity Unit is Fighting for Fairness in Sport – David Howman

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David Howman is Chair of the Board of Directors at the Athletics Integrity Unit for World Athletics, and he has been named Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit for his services to sport. In this episode, we discuss the [...]

1 08, 2023

107 – Preventing Use of Appearance and Performance Enhancing Substances by Young Athletes – Donald Hooton, Jr.

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Donald Hooton, Jr., is President of the Taylor Hooton Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing and promoting education programs for young athletes. Pressure to use performance-enhancing and appearance-enhancing substances can be high for students and young athletes, and [...]

18 07, 2023

106 – Sport Integrity Australia is Working to Ensure Safe and Fair Sport For All – Naomi Spears, PhD

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Dr. Naomi Spears is the former Chief Science Officer and current General Manager of Operations at Sport Integrity Australia, Australia's designated national anti-doping organization (NADO). In our interview, we talk more about Sport Integrity Australia, the history of the organization, the [...]

4 07, 2023

105 – Perspectives on Key Stories and Anti-Doping Efforts in Major League Baseball – Tim Brown

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Tim Brown is a New York Times bestselling author and an award-winning national sports columnist covering Major League Baseball (MLB). In this episode, Tim talks about his career and gives us a behind-the-scenes view into some of the biggest [...]