Micro-Grants Program

The rapidly changing landscape of performance enhancing substances necessitates timely responses from organizations protecting the integrity of sport. The Micro-Grant Program was developed by the PCC to quickly fund quality research projects which fill immediate gaps in anti-doping knowledge and/or gather preliminary data to strengthen a future PCC Grant application or resubmission.

Projects that are eligible for micro-grant funding will satisfy the following guidelines:

  1. The applicant seeks to solve an acute anti-doping problem or gather preliminary data for a future PCC Grant.
  2. The research requires fewer than six months to complete.
  3. The research requires less than $75,000 in funding.
  4. The research does not require IRB approval, or IRB approval has been obtained ahead of applying for a PCC Micro-Grant.
  5. The application is not designed to supplement existing funds from a primary funder. If the PCC is not the sole funder of the project, the rationale behind seeking multiple funding sources must be provided within the application.
  6. The project’s investigators represent a single institution. If investigators from multiple institutions wish to collaborate on a PCC Micro-Grant, a letter of support or cooperation from the secondary institution must accompany the application.
  7. Social science grants are not eligible for PCC micro-grants at this time. Applicants are encouraged to submit social science grants through the PCC’s full grant application process.

Projects which enhance knowledge surrounding (suspected or known) performance enhancing substances, provide reference materials, collect and test samples from critical populations, or impact anti-doping policies are excellent candidates for a PCC Micro-Grant. However, any research solving time-sensitive anti-doping challenges will be considered. For examples of micro-grants the PCC has previously funded, please visit our funded research page.

Applicants need not wait for a formal funding cycle to apply for a PCC Micro-Grant – requests are accepted year-round and may take as little as one week to approve. ​

To apply for a micro-grant, simply click on the below button to submit an application.