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Research Grants

PCC Research Grants support projects advancing knowledge in the anti-doping sphere. Pre-Applications are reviewed three times per year: March 1, July 1, and November 1. Applicants are encouraged to review the research priorities of the PCC before applying. Applicants that are invited to complete a full application, are encouraged to review the application process overview and instructions​​. Full Applications are due on the first day of the month following the pre-application deadline.
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The PCC Micro-Grant program was developed to quickly fund high quality projects which fill immediate gaps in anti-doping knowledge. Micro-grants are available for research requiring fewer than six months to complete, and less than $75,000 in funding. Applicants need not wait for a formal funding cycle to apply – requests are accepted year-round and may take as little as one week to approve. Applicants are encouraged to review the research priorities of the PCC before applying.
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The PCC Fellowship Program supports qualified scientists interested in the field of anti-doping, committed to meaningful research, and demonstrating potential for long-term contribution to the field of anti-doping scien​ce. Fellows selected by the PCC participate in a two year program. Fellows gain practical knowledge from a U.S.-based, WADA-accredited laboratory and conduct research supporting the anti-doping field. Applicants are encouraged to review the application process overview.​
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Have a Re-Submission?

Your re-submission will mirror an original grant application with the following changes:

  1. Create a new pre-application
  2. Title the re-submit project “Re-Submission [original project title]”
  3. Once approved for a full application, fill in all fields, including the first two sections of Tab 7 (a summary of the changes made to the proposal and specific discussion of how the new proposal addresses the critique of the original proposal.)

Resources for Applicants

 The below resources will provide both insight into PCC processes and helpful tips on submitting a successful grant application.
In order to fund your anti-doping research, we recommend ensuring your project aligns with our Research Priorities and reading our Application Instructions before submitting your request for funding.

Still have questions? Our Executive Director Michael Pearlmutter is happy to help via



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