Recognizing a critical need for independent means of quality control and method validation within laboratory doping analysis, the Partnership for Clean Competition has funded the production of certified anti-doping reference materials for banned substance analysis. The project, entitled “Production of a certified reference material to support GC-C-IRMS confirmation of adverse analytical findings for synthetic forms of endogenous anabolic androgenic steroids.” is being led by Dr. Paul Armishaw of the National Measurement Institute of Australia.

The materials are intended to provide essential identify confirmation for a number of analytes and include references for IRMS analysis of steroids, the LC-MS/MS assay for Growth Hormone biomarkers, and a serum-based single point calibrator for the IGF-1 LC-MS/MS assay.

The PCC hopes the materials provide additional opportunities for labs to confidently benchmark their own methods, while contributing to high-quality and accurate measurements which are comparable across the global suite of WADA-accredited laboratories.

PCC reference materials are uniquely available to WADA-accredited laboratory directors. Please email for information regarding specific materials available and how to acquire them.