To fulfill the PCC application process, investigators must identify their project team. Applications presenting teams with diverse and holistic expertise are more likely to be funded than those who appear to lack proficiency in a key area of experimental design. It is thus important to highlight ALL participants of the project, even subject matter experts with small and/or oversight roles.

The  PCC distinguishes between study participants in the following way:

Tab 9 of the PCC application solicits “Project Personnel”

This would include the Primary Investigator of the project (and typically the applicant themselves). Other project personnel may include post docs or graduate assistants, lab managers, analysts, or any other personnel that will be a core part of the project, with a specific role within the experimental design. Almost always, project personnel will have a percentage of their salaries associated with the project.

Tab 10 of the PCC application solicits “Additional Key or Senior Personnel”

This section will identify individuals who have key leadership roles in ensuring that the project succeeds, including their background and productivity.  It should not be a supervisor in the lab, but it should include any person providing critical input on the design and planning of the studies, or contributing meaningful expertise. The individual may have a salary associated with the project, but it could be very small, or even $0.

For example, if the project involves genetics and the PI is not trained in genetics, the reviewers would like to know who is providing advice regarding genetics.  In cases where a key senior contributor is from another institution, a letter from that individual stating that s/he is actually participating in the project would be an important factor.

Failing to list someone that has a key role could cause the reviewers to be concerned about the group’s ability to effectively execute the project, so it is extremely important to both find appropriate experts to help guide a project’s success, solidify their willingness to engage, and include them in the application process.


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