2019 Speakers

2017 Speakers

Mr. Rob Manfred
Mr. Rob ManfredCommissioner: Major League Baseball
Closing Speaker – The Evolution of MLB’s Approach to Anti-Doping
Mr. Richard McLaren
Mr. Richard McLaren Western Law // McKenzie Lake Law
Doping Scandals: Implications for Research
Mrs. Alysia Montano
Mrs. Alysia Montano US Olympian and National Champion
Athlete Perspective: Why do Athletes Dope?
Mrs. Iuliia Stepanova
Mrs. Iuliia StepanovaNeutral Athlete and Whistleblower
Award Recipient: PCC Contribution to Anti-Doping Award
Dr. Jack Henion
Dr. Jack HenionQ2 Solutions
Alternative Matrices: Dried Plasma Spots
Dr. Larry Bowers
Dr. Larry BowersPCC SAB // USADA
2016 in Review: a Look at Anti-Doping
Dr. Matthias Kamber
Dr. Matthias KamberAnti-Doping Switzerland
Logistics, benefits, and Challenges of Alternative Matrices
Dr. Marilyn Huestis
Dr. Marilyn HuestisUniversity of Maryland
Logistics, benefits, and Challenges of Alternative Matrices
Dr. Mario Thevis
Dr. Mario ThevisDeutsche Sporthoch Schule Cologne
Alternative Matrices: Breath Technology
Mr. Jeff Novitzky
Mr. Jeff NovitzkyUltimate Fighting Championship
Policy Considerations: Alternative Matrices
Mr. Andy Levinson
Mr. Andy LevinsonPGA TOUR
Policy Considerations: Alternative Matrices
Mr. Dan Halem
Mr. Dan HalemPCC Board // Major League Baseball
Policy Considerations: Alternative Matrices
Mr. Travis Tygart
Mr. Travis TygartPCC Board // US Anti-Doping Agency
PCC Awards
Dr. Daniel Eichner
Dr. Daniel EichnerSports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory
Lab Director Talk: Five Most Important Things that Came out of Research in 2016 for Labs
Dr. Peter Van Eenoo
Dr. Peter Van Eenoo Ghent University Doping Control Laboratory
Lab Director Talk: Five Most Important Things that Came out of Research in 2016 for Labs
Dr. Chris Harrison
Dr. Chris HarrisonSan Diego State University
Next Generation Technologies
Dr. Geoff Miller
Dr. Geoff MillerSports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory
The Next Generation in Anti-Doping: PCC Fellowships
Dr. Tom Brenna
Dr. Tom BrennaCornell University
Translational Research
Dr. Liying Jiang
Dr. Liying JiangKing's College London Drug Control Center
The Next Generation in Anti-Doping: PCC Fellowships
Award Recipient
Award Recipient TBD
Award: PCC Outstanding Contribution to Anti-Doping Science Award
Mr. Michael Pearlmutter
Mr. Michael PearlmutterPartnership for Clean Competition
PCC Translational Research Fund
Dr. Bryan Finkle
Dr. Bryan FinklePCC SAB // National Football League
Doping Scandals: Implications for Research
Dr. Gary Green
Dr. Gary GreenPCC SAB // Major League Baseball
Doping Scandals: Implications for Research
Dr. John Yates
Dr. John YatesPCC SAB // Scripps Research Institute
Panel of Scientific Advisory Board Members
Dr. Mike Sawka
Dr. Mike SawkaPCC SAB // Georgia Institute of Technology
Panel of Scientific Advisory Board Members
Dr. Larry Silverman
Dr. Larry SilvermanPCC SAB // University of Virginia
Panel of Scientific Advisory Board Members
Dr. Al Matsumoto
Dr. Al MatsumotoPCC SAB // University of Washington
Panel of Scientific Advisory Board Members
Dr. Steve Elliott
Dr. Steve ElliottPCC SAB // Amgen (retired)
Panel of Scientific Advisory Board Members

2015 Speakers

The PCC was excited to have the following athletes speak at the 2015 PCC Conference:

​Harold Reynolds

h reynolds

Harold Reynolds exemplifies success on and off the field. During his 12-year career as a Major League Baseball player, Harold spent 10 seasons with the Seattle Mariners and a year each with the Baltimore Orioles and Los Angeles Angels. As a Mariner, Harold was a two-time American League All-Star, a three-time Gold Glove second baseman and led the American League in steals in 1987. He is currently among the Mariners’ career leaders in 10 offensive categories.

Off the field, Harold is an Emmy Award winning broadcaster who has covered every aspect of baseball from Little League to the pros since 1996. He is the lead studio analyst for MLB Network, providing nightly commentary on all Major League games and coverage for special events such as the Major League Draft, the All-Star Game and World Series. Starting in the 2014 season, Harold began calling premier regular season games for FOX and the jewel events such as MLB All-Star Game and the World Series. During his broadcasting career, Harold has consistently rated as one of the most popular personalities in sports television.

Harold is also a noted humanitarian for his dedication to community service and his commitment to improving the lives of youth; Harold was honored as President George Bush Sr.’s 195th Point of Light, becoming the first athlete to receive such high recognition. In addition, Harold is the recipient of the Roberto Clemente Award and the Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Award.

Harold is the majority owner of HR4 LLC, a minority owned entity developed for the purposes of creating a combination of affordable and quality equipment for youngsters, providing opportunities for under-served youngsters through the sport of baseball and using his platform to promote the sport of baseball to today’s youth.

Lauryn Williams


As a 3x time Olympian, Lauryn knows the hard work and dedication required to bring home a medal; she has a work ethic matched by few. From an early age, her parents stressed the importance of education and the message stuck. While succeeding on the track, Lauryn also succeeded and excelled in the classroom. She received her Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Miami in 2004, and even gave the commencement address at her own graduation. She also obtained a Florida Real Estate Sale Associate license in 2006. Additionally, during the 2008 Olympic year, while training full time to make the Olympic team, she also managed to simultaneously work on a Master of Business Administration degree, which she received from the University of Phoenix, AZ in 2009.

Lauryn has proved herself on the world stage time after time, showing tremendous strength of character, which always put her in contention to win the major championships. In 2004, she held the fastest legal-wind time by an American at 10.97, the second fastest time in the world that year. That same year, she competed in her first Olympics, traveling to Athens to capture a Silver medal in the 100m. She became World Champion at the championships in Helsinki in 2004-2005. Recovering from injury that cut her 2006 season short, Lauryn took home Silver in the 2007 World Championships in Osaka. She retired from Track & Field in 2013 and took up bobsled. Beginning in December 2013, she won 2 Silver and 1 Gold medal in the four races in which she competed and she was named to the USA Olympic Bobsled Team in January, 2014. She earned a Silver medal in Sochi, becoming the fifth athlete to ever medal in both Summer/Winter Olympic games.

While she has a reputation for being a fierce competitor, when meeting Lauryn off the track, this is certainly not how you would describe her. Her fresh-faced smile and personable nature are two of the things that have helped Lauryn become one of the most popular personalities in the sport today. Always taking time to talk to children and fans alike, Lauryn truly is a member of the new generation; a generation that seeks to reconnect the audience with the athletes.

Lauryn helped us close out the conference by speaking on the topic of why anti-doping matters.

We’d like to thank those of you that joined us in New York City for the relaunch of the Partnership for Clean Competition biennial conference on April 21-22, 2015. We have received great feedback from this year’s conference and look forward to bringing the anti-doping community together again in 2017.​