Dr. William Schanzer

2017’s Larry D. Bowers Excellence in Anti-Doping Science Award was presented to Prof. Dr Wilhelm Schänzer in recognition of his vital role in the fight for clean sport over his 30+ year anti-doping career. Dr. Schänzer has directed the Institute of Biochemistry and its WADA-accredited doping control lab at German Sport University Cologne since 1997.  He received his award on September 30 during USADA’s 16th Annual Symposium on Anti-Doping Science.

Learn more about Dr. Schänzer’s anti-doping research and contribution here.

The Award

The first Larry D. Bowers Excellence in Anti-Doping Science Award was presented by USADA to….Larry D. Bowers! The award was created in honor of Dr. Bowers in 2016 to to commemorate his 16 years of service at USADA, and many contributions to the anti-doping movement. Before joining USADA Dr. Bowers served as the director of an accredited anti-doping laboratory for eight years and published more than 100 peer-reviewed publications. As an internationally renowned anti-doping science expert, Dr. Bowers also founded the USADA Annual Symposium on Anti-Doping Science in 2002 to advance anti-doping science and facilitate global collaboration, and joined the PCC’s Scientific Advisory Board in 2008.

Apply for Consideration

With the 2017 Award granted, the nomination window for the 3rd Annual Larry D. Bowers Excellence in Anti-Doping Science Award is now open and nominations can be submitted through March 1, 2018. Qualified nominees will have contributed to anti-doping science over an extended period of time, while also demonstrating investigative independence and excellence in scientific work. More information on the nomination process and nominee requirements can be found here.