December 15, 2016
Michael Pearlmutter
Partnership for Clean Competition
Executive Director

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. The PGA TOUR, a Contributor to the Partnership for Clean Competition since 2008, has renewed its commitment to protecting clean athletes through a four-year investment in the science that fuels innovation in anti-doping knowledge and technology.

As a PCC Contributor, the PGA TOUR directly supports the scientific discovery of less invasive and expensive methods for acquiring athlete samples, enhanced testing and analysis methodologies, and reliable detection of novel and designer drugs.

The PGA TOUR has long recognized the important role of scientific research in the effective deterrence of doping in sport. Dr. Tom Hospel, The PGA TOUR’s Anti-Doping Medical Adviser, recently affirmed this sentiment, stating “anti-doping research is critical to the

[anti-doping] movement. I’d love to see increased resources going towards the science.”

“We are proud that the PGA TOUR has decided to continue advocating for their athletes with this important investment in sporting integrity,” says the Partnership for Clean Competition’s Executive Director, Michael Pearlmutter. “The PGA TOUR is a great example of a league that uses all available resources to refine and evolve its anti-doping policies to maintain authentic competition and the health and safety of players, and the PCC is pleased to support it in this mission.”

Since 2008 the PCC has awarded over $18.0 M in research grants to scientific investigators globally to advance and implement knowledge in the anti-doping sphere.


About the PGA TOUR

The PGA TOUR seeks to entertain and inspire our fans, deliver substantial value to our partners, create outlets for volunteers to give back, generate significant charitable and economic impact in the communities where we play, grow the game of golf and provide financial opportunities for PGA TOUR players.

About the Partnership for Clean Competition

The Partnership for Clean Competition is an innovative research collaborative founded in 2008 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity by the United States Olympic Committee, United States Anti-Doping Agency, Major League Baseball and the National Football League. Every day, the PCC acts to protect the integrity of sport and public health by engaging and supporting the world’s top scientists and innovators in high-quality anti-doping research and development. The PCC also facilitates adoption of these methods into the World Anti-Doping Agency-accredited laboratories. The PCC aspires to help generate the world’s most influential, effective and coveted methods and resources for detecting and deterring the use of performance enhancing substances by all athletes in all sports at all levels. Through this work, the PCC demonstrates the value of science, collaboration and innovation related to doping control in sport and ensure the benefits of sport participation. For more information, visit