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Laura Garvican-Lewis, Ph.D.

Laura Garvican-Lewis, Ph.D.
Laura Garvican-Lewis, Ph.D.PCC Researcher

Australian Institute of Sport

Australian Catholic University Research Fellow

Born in the UK, Laura moved to Australia in 2005 to begin a graduate training position in the Physiology department at the Australian Institute of Sport. She began a sports based PhD in 2007, examining in the role of haemoglobin mass on cycling performance, with her research taking her to Europe and the US with the Australian National cycling team. Graduating in 2011, Laura continued to work as an applied sports scientist with Australia’s aspiring Olympians from a range of sports including water polo, soccer and track and field. She maintained her research interests, particularly in Altitude and anti-doping, combining the two in 2013 during a challenging project at the Tour of Qinghai Lake in northern China. Laura is currently a Research Fellow at the Australian Institute of Sport and Australian Catholic University and was awarded a PCC grant in 2015 to study the combined effects of altitude and iron supplementation on the Athlete Biological Passport.