Michael N. Sawka, Ph.D.
Michael N. Sawka, Ph.D. Scientific Advisory Board Member

Michael N. Sawka, Ph.D., FAPS, FACSM is Chief Scientific Officer of Environmental Physiology and Hydration Associates, and Adjunct Professor of Biological Sciences at Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. Sawka is a retired Department of Army Science and Technology appointee and held numerous research and academic positions. He is an expert in environmental (heat, cold, high-altitude) physiology, thermoregulation, blood volume control, fluid / electrolyte balance (dehydration, hyponatremia, rehydration), hydration assessment, exertional heat illness, and exercise physiology.

Dr. Sawka published >300 full-length manuscripts and book chapters (>37,000 literature citations); edited graduate textbooks on environmental physiology and exercise physiology. He presented >100 invited Symposia and Keynote Lectures at national / international scientific meetings. Dr. Sawka served on numerous editorial boards, scientific advisory boards / councils / panels including those for the Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences; National Institutes of Health; National Space Biomedical Research Institute; Partnership for Clean Competition; US Anti-Doping Agency; Department of Defense; and North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

He has extensive experience in biotechnology-advanced development and currently focuses on integrating wearable physiological sensors with machine learning for decision aids regarding health and performance. Dr. Sawka’s honors include the American College of Sports Medicine’s Visiting Scholars Award (1982), Military Medical Merit Medallion (2005), American College of Sports Medicine’s Citation Award (2010), Meritorious Civilian Service Award (2012) and American Physiological Society’s Honor Award (2016).