The Partnership for Clean Competition will announce a winner for the organization’s first Award for Published Advances in Anti-Doping on April 22, 2022. Sharing the overall ideal and mission of clean sport with the annual conference in memoriam of Professor Manfred Donike, the announcement will conclude the 2022 Manfred Donike Workshop, and the principal investigator that receives the honor will also receive a €1,000 prize.

The purpose of the award is to recognize advances that move the field forward and contribute to achieving the goals of clean sport.

The PCC assembled a jury of leaders in anti-doping science who reviewed publications from the previous calendar year.

Our jury took a sweeping look at the field with a few criteria in mind:

  • The study presents a method or approach for detecting substances of high importance that have been difficult-to-impossible to pinpoint. The research improves the efficiency of testing and the deterrent impact of those tests.
  • The study illustrates specificity improvements that reduce the risk of misinterpretation or inadequate management of results, increasing the reliability and credibility of the global testing system.
  • The study’s outcome leads to changes in prevailing rules or guidance for result interpretation or a harmonization of procedures throughout the field.

The jury has come to a conclusion that will be announced April 22nd.

We look forward to honoring the work that wins the award and highlighting its value for the anti-doping community.