Researchers that are awarded funding by the Partnership for Clean Competition know their funding agreement includes a series of reports, the most notable being a final scientific and final budget report.

In order to streamline the reporting process, we integrated it into the PCC’s SurveyMonkey Apply environment. When we did that, we initiated a series of automated reminders for researchers to turn in their reports. That initial system, though, could not reach the level of specificity we wanted for our scientists.

We have now revamped the reporting reminder process to send out a single email on the 1st of each month. It should tell you when you have a report due next month, when you have a report due that month and when you have a report overdue.

That said, whenever iterating on a technical system like this, we expect there to be opportunities for feedback. If you receive any reminders you have questions about or if you have suggestions regarding the system, please email Communications Director David Kumbroch at