The Partnership for Clean Competition begins 2022 by welcoming a new member, Janelle L. Winston, to its Board of Governors.

Winston represents the NFL and its teams in labor-management disputes involving compensation and salary, player discipline, electronic medical records and workers’ compensation. Her practice covers negotiation, arbitration, litigation and settlement.

The PCC Board of Governors speaks for the non-profit’s founding members, ultimately making the decision on what research is funded based on recommendations from the Scientific Advisory Board. 

PCC Board Chair Jon Coyles said of the addition, “We look forward to bringing Janelle’s voice into the Partnership’s conversations about clean sport research. She offers invaluable perspective, and we know she’ll be an asset to the organization.”

Winston replaces Kevin Manara, who departed the NFL and the PCC’s Board of Governors in 2021 to become the senior vice president and general counsel of the Las Vegas Raiders. 

Coyles added, “We also want to thank Kevin for his contributions over the years. The PCC relies on the guidance of its founding organizations, and Kevin did great work on behalf of the NFL and clean athletes everywhere.”

Winston’s first board meeting will be in January.