The Partnership for Clean Competition’s final grant and fellowship funding cycle for 2021 is quickly approaching. Pre-applications are due November 1st.

The PCC funds a broad array of clean sport research.

See the Research Priorities of the PCC here.

There are no maximum or minimum amounts for grant applications; average funding is roughly $200,000. The PCC has funded more than 100 projects from 19 countries around the world. Approximately 30% of applicants are awarded funding.

For those who have never applied for a PCC grant, the pre-application process is designed to ensure grants are on-topic for the PCC. You must have a pre-application approved to be invited to submit a full application, which will be due December 1st. However, the pre-application itself is relatively succinct.

The earlier you get your pre-application submitted and approved, the earlier you can get started on your full application.

Submit today!