The Partnership for Clean Competition has a July 1 deadline for pre-applications to be considered in the next funding round of grants and fellowships.

PCC funding rounds are conducted in two stages. First, applicants must submit a relatively short pre-application by the July 1st deadline. Pre-applications will be reviewed for relevancy and important omissions. Most pre-applications are approved. Second, a more extensive full application must be submitted by August 1st. This full application will be taken before the Scientific Advisory Board for review.

Investigators worldwide are eligible for PCC grants, so long as they are contributing to the detection or deterrence of performance-enhancing drugs.

There are no maximum or minimum amounts for grant applications, though the average funding amount is roughly $200,000. To date, more than 100 projects have been funded in more than 19 countries worldwide. Approximately 30% of applicants are awarded PCC funding.

The PCC is also accepting applications for fellowships, which offer $150,000 over two years. The fellowship program represents the PCC’s investment in the future of the anti-doping science community. The program supports qualified scientists at leading universities and WADA-accredited laboratories who demonstrate strong interest and potential for long-term contribution to the fields of anti-doping science.

PCC grant and fellowship applications are subject to a thorough peer-review process led by experts. Funding recommendations are made by the PCC’s 14 member Scientific Advisory Board based on a submission’s impact on anti-doping, overall quality of the application, proposed budget, and the likelihood of success. Final funding decisions are made by the Board of Governors.

Again, you must submit a pre-application by the deadline to be eligible to submit a full application this round.

Submit now.