The Faculty of Science at the University of Copenhagen is offering a FREE PhD level course entitled “Anti-doping and Human Exercise Performance” from November 20-24, 2017. The course will be held on site at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

The unique course aims to disseminate state-of-the-art knowledge of physiology and methodology related to anti-doping efforts, and features a special focus on hematology, as well as insight into other important anti-doping topics. Course organizers include anti-doping experts Nikolai B. Nordsborg (PCC grantee) , Carsten Lundby & Lars Nybo.

Course plan:

– Monday (11-20): Blood and plasma volume in relation to human exercise performance.
– Tuesday (11-21): The Athletes Biological Passport and other strategies for detecting blood volume manipulations.
– Wednesday (11-22): Grey-zone drugs including legal ergogenic aids, beta 2 agonists and pain-killers.
– Thursday (11-23): Testosterone & altitude training.
– Friday (11-24): New possibilities and challenges, including new pharmaceuticals & genetic manipulation.

Additionally, three laboratory sessions are included which address measurement of plasma and blood volumes and evaluation of performance enhancing effects of grey-zone drugs.

Find more information, the final program, and list of speakers here.

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IMPORTANT: The course is capped at 15 participants.