For the second installment of our Grant Application Tip series, we’d like to address a common reason for being denied PCC grant funding: not complying with PCC application requirements.

The PCC understands that scientific researchers are exceptionally busy –  and saving time by submitting similar funding requests to multiple organizations just makes sense.

While we understand the efficiency inherent in that approach, it may preclude a researcher from being funded by the PCC – even if their research project merits support.

This is because the PCC has a very deliberate and careful approval process, led by our expert Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The SAB members assigned to each application require specific information in order to conduct a thorough assessment and produce a funding recommendation. During SAB meetings, applications are evaluated in even greater depth by the SAB’s entire knowledge base.

If information is missing and the SAB cannot make an informed decision, or appropriately understand an application’s merits, it’s likely to be denied for funding. While in some cases, applicants will be asked to resubmit their project with additional information, when too much information is absent, applicants are unlikely to get this opportunity.

This can be avoided by carefully following the PCC application requirements outline on our website, found here.

The PCC application is longer than those of other grantors in the anti-doping domain, which is why replicating those submissions is unlikely to result in PCC funding. The above application instructions can help you navigate the PCC application process and understand precisely what information our SAB needs to have to make an informed decision about your research.

The PCC has an average funding percentage of 30%. While that is already high for grant making in the scientific community, we’d like to raise it even further. Submitting a high-quality research application to the PCC is the first step towards a meaningful contribution to protecting the integrity of sport.

The PCC cannot succeed in our mission to protect clean athletes without the work and commitment of talented scientists. If you have any questions about PCC grants, application requirements, or the application process, please email Jocelyn Quiles at