Since 2009, the Partnership for Clean Competition (PCC) has been funding the world’s preeminent anti-doping experts, providing over $15 million to date. Projects funded by the PCC support clean competition while standing up to the scientific scrutiny and oversight of our expert advisory board.

The impact of the PCC transcends geographic region, sporting event, and level of athlete. PCC research has informed policy for professional leagues, The Olympic Movement, and amateur associations around the world. We go beyond the research paper and protect clean athletes through the frequent real-world application of our projects and working groups.

We’re incredibly proud to fund scientists contributing to an even playing field for current and future athletes through their research. We’ve created this overview to showcase some of the attributes that contribute to our status as a global leader in anti-doping research.

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In 2016, the PCC will continue its focus on funding researchers devoted to furthering clean competition, while expanding the field of anti-doping expertise through our unique working groups and fellowship programs. If you are a researcher in anti-doping or a related field, we encourage you to apply for our next round of funding here.

If you are interested in getting involved in anti-doping research, apply for a fellowship here, or reach out to our team to gain more information.

Whether you are a scientist, anti-doping advocate, athlete, coach, sporting federation, or one of our incredible partners, we hope you will continue to follow our progress as we engage the power of science to support clean competition.

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