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Prepare Now: PCC’s March 1st pre-application deadline for anti-doping research funding coming up

With the new year comes new Partnership for Clean Competition opportunities for researchers doing work applicable to anti-doping.

The PCC will have its first pre-application deadline on March 1st for Grant and Fellowship applications.

The pre-application is relatively short and straightforward. It is designed to help the PCC determine if funding requests are on-topic.

Full applications for funding aren’t due until April 1st, but you must have an approved pre-application in order to apply.

Apply now. [1]

If you’d like to review the PCC’s research priorities for funding, you can do that here [2]. You can also check out our Application Center [3] for more information.

Don’t think you’ll have your application ready in time? Then mark your calendar for July 1st, the next pre-application deadline of the year.

Questions? Email David Kumbroch at dkumbroch@cleancompetition.org [4].