Eventually, this will be the page that features your podcasts. In the meantime, we need to decide on the best embed option. For now, each embed is simply pasted in. We can limit widths as needed.

If we don’t like any of these options, we can consider more customizable options.

This is the standard Libsyn embed:

This is the mini Libsyn embed:

This is the legacy Libsyn embed:

And this is the Stitcher embed:

If we want more control over the player style, we can add audio files to the media library, but this will increase the disk space used by your site. The initial result is very simple and plain, but we do have tools that allow us to create highly customized views. We would also want to pull in the featured image and an excerpt of your post.

We can also use the download link as a src link for an audio player – and avoid storing audio files on your site server. This is what it looks like be default, but this is another customizable option.

If none of these are quite right, we can continue to explore options.