It’s hard to keep up with developments in the anti-doping world.

Every other Tuesday, join the PCC, the premier global funder of anti-doping research, as we feature athletes, scientists, policy makers, sports leagues, and other clean sport champions who discuss the technology, programs, and policies moving clean sport forward…as well as identifying how we as a community could be doing better.

Whether you want to learn more about the people behind  the anti-doping movement, are navigating the drug program process as an administrator or athlete, or work in the sporting industry and want to stay up to date, this podcast is for you.

Our inaugural episodes:

Prof. David Cowan, former Director of the WADA-Accredited Drug Control Center in London discussing the current state of science in anti-doping.

Mr. Jon Coyles, Vice President, Drug, Health & Safety Programs at Major League Baseball discussing how MLB’s drug program became one of the best in the world.

Ms. Paula Radcliffe, fastest female marathoner of all time, discussing blood doping accusations, why she didn’t release her Athlete Biological Passport data, and dealing with injury.

Mr. David Howman, former WADA head and provocateur exceptionale!

Mr. Ben Nichols, former communications head at WADA, discussing the critical role of communication for the anti-doping movement.

Dr. Matthew Fedoruk, Chief Science Officer at USADA.

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Next Episode: June 4th